Smarter.DAM Digital Asset Management KPI Dashboard Application

Smarter.DAM is one of Differentia Consulting’s family of QlikView and Qlik Sense -powered Smarter.BI Dashboards that provides you with quick and simple access to a powerful range of information about your business.

Digital Asset Management with Box #SmarterMarketing

Delivering a consistent and distinct brand image requires agile tools and technology to aid the collaborative process. Box facilitates the proliferation of rich media and assets securely and empowers Marketing and Advertising companies to manage digital assets on a single platform in the cloud.

Working flawlessly with your external agencies, vendors and partners on large rich media files makes marketing a whole lot smarter. Box safeguards sensitive Marketing assets by setting customised access levels for each worker. Documents are encrypted at rest and in transit, maintaining the highest levels of security, so your assets and concepts stay your own. The platform accelerates the collaboration and feedback process by managing comments and assigning tasks to files and folders directly in Box.

Working with a globally dispersed team? Use Box as a central repository when your teams are scattered across the globe. It’s a great way to increase productivity, manage document versions and keep all assets in one place. Managing documents in a shared workplace in the cloud means teams can access their content from absolutely anywhere. Preview vitals assets on the go in your browser or mobile device, with Box no downloads or extra software is required.

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Smarter.DAM Dashboard:
Differentia Consulting Smartert.DAM 

Govern your Digital Assets with Qlik #SmarterMarketing

Smarter.DAM is one of Differentia Consulting’s family of Qlik-powered Smarter.BI dashboards; it pulls information in relation to all user actions on Box, providing with quick and simple access to a powerful range of data about your digital assets.

When you have fundamental marketing materials, which are the core of your business, it is vital you have insight into which assets are being shared and viewed. Smarter.DAM provides complete information on the performance of your company’s assets and content; so you can understand who is accessing what, where and when.

Working with a large or globally dispersed team? The application provides an audit trail and analytics to asset or document governance related activities so you can protect all assets and remain competitive environment in an ever-changing industry.


Qlik Sense for Marketing #SmarterMarketing

Discover how you can align strategies to address market changes, customer insights, and developing trends. Boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance with Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense facilitates the ability to collect data from different sources across any location globally, the application speeds up the analysis process by providing information in the form of diagrams, charts and graphs, and readily available reports for you to share with your wider team in order to make decisions.

Qlik Analytics offers Business Discovery like no other platform, it unlocks the powerful information within web analytics. It allows non-technical users to explore consumer actions by gaining instant feedback on the type of data that is associated and unrelated, allowing for deeper analysis and insight on customers, products, web activity and trends, ultimately improvising decision making.

“We needed a flexible system that could be used to surface and interrogate the data we capture. For us, no tool matched the versatility and ease of use of Qlik Sense.” Rory Miller-Cheevers, Managing Director, HYPHEN


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